Institute of Research and Advanced Studies of Pharmacy, an enviable destination for pharmacy education in the region of Multan, is approved and recognized institution to impart Pharmacy education. IRASP has been established in 2021 with the intention to provide quality education and training in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacognosy to build a strong, competent, qualified pharmaceutical potency in Pakistan.

We appreciate your kind visit and desire to become a part of the leading private sector, “IRASP, Multan.” We offer all the facilities for those who have an aspiration and objective to learn the most conversant and future scoring programs available in Multan.

We are also symbolized in the field of teaching and research. The main objective and target of our Institute is to produce the professionals who should be operational with exceeding standard qualities in creativity, transfer of their capabilities for the purpose of serving the humanities and facing the issues regarding their health in current era.

IRASP advises with ethical opinions to its graduates to become leaders in their associated fields to persuade and motivate the succeeding generation and to develop the ideas and planning that benefits the humanity.

We are sure that you will witness of our services like teaching, expertise in healthcare and remedial field of health along with research discovery and investigative study on drugs by joining us.

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